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Hopkinson Wootton & Lovatt
stuart wilson 1403027821

do not use these my mum passed away and she was cremated we have asked for the ashes but they will not give us them until the full price of the funnel is paid how discussing is that. they are heartless how they like it if it happened to them.
Peter Taylor
Miles 1318430387

Everything was very personable. We felt a compassionate , but professional attitude in every aspect. You are the best!
Melville & Daughters Funeral Directors
Nancy 1318429346

Very organized, yet discrete and polite. Thank you!
Thomas Sneddon Funeral Directors
Jacob 1317908497

From the behalf of my whole family, I can say this company is reliable, it provides excellent services and gives support in such hard times. Thank you once again for the consideration and care you have treated us!
Robson\'s Funeral Directors
Ava 1317294051

Good services, very discreet and understanding staff. They can do everything you need to be taken care of in such moment!
Asian Funeral Service (Leicester)
Barbara 1317291148

Good service, very delicate staff, they took care of everything because in such moment you can't manage to think about them. Thanks for the support!
W J Beswetherick & Son Ltd
Lora 1317046776

WJ Beswetherick & son were so very kind at this distressing time. They handled everything with dignity and compassion. I recommend highly their services!
William Jordan & Son (Funeral Directors) Limited
Molly 1316001125

Thank you for doing such a great job in this hard moment for me and my family.
Ashworth & Baker Funeral Service
David 1315381810

In the terrible moment when I was so depressed of my loss , Ashworth & Baker arranged all details in a most delicate way , so I thank them for their great service and polite attitude! Thanks
Pat Cook Funeral Services
Robert 1315220477

I find it very hard to express how I feel. I wish very much (as everyone does), that I had never had to employ a funeral service, but I am so pleased that we choose the one we did. Recommend them highly!
Chrystal Funeral Services
Rebeca 1315218409

Thank you for all your support and help during our difficult time. I really appreciate your professional attitude!
Fraserburgh Funeral Services ltd
Josef 1314885039

Fraserburgh Funeral Services were so very kind at this distressing time. They handled everything with dignity and compassion. I will certainly recommend this company.
Mairi Russell Funeral Services
Daniele 1314709370

Three words we can use to describe Mairi Russell Funeral Services' help: discrete, polite and professional! Thanks!
The Funeral Consultant
Pamela 1314197129

The Funeral Consultant were of great help during this hard time for my family with their professional advice and excellent service. We recommend them to all!
Brooks Family Funeral Directors
Richard 1314174745

Very discreet, yet fast and efficient service. They handled everything with care and professionalism. Thank you!
J & S Funeral Service
David 1314017772

An efficient and very professional job.Recommend their services!
Andrew Johnson Funeral Services
Mary 1313477835

In the most terrible moment , when I had lost somebody I loved, the people from Andrew Johnson Funeral Services provided me with the care and understanding I needed and took care of all details I was not able to think of... Thank you for the support!
Colin Fisher Funeral Directors
Meredit Grey 1312979443

In a moment of deepest sorrow there should be someone who to take care of all details and the same time save you all annoying duties and offer you a delicate assistance, to help you go trough this sad time! Colin Fisher Funeral Directors were this someone for me and I am extremely grateful.
Middleton & Wood Of Burntwood
Wesley 1308681780

Vince All I can say is Thank You, though that hardly seems enough given how you handled both my Gran's and Nan's funerals. The civil service you delivered would have brought a smile to both their faces, you made us laugh and you made us cry but it was delivered as though you had known them all your life. You have a special gift Vince and you use it to good effect. Regards Wez
E Hooper & Son
Angela Brown 1298053786

Sensitive, efficient, dignified, honorable. Thanks to all for making possible a funeral and farewell to the absolute wishes of the deceased - and to enable a family member to return to Active Service.

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